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Our Learning Curriculum

Reading Readiness

During Circle Time we read, learn phonics and sight words, and do daily projects that focus on reading and writing readiness. After School Program students have daily silent reading, homework time and homework help.


Math and Number Readiness

By exploring quantity, size, and shape, our Math and Number Readiness curriculum builds the foundation for later abstract mathematical learning for our students.



Ms. Chely, originally from Chile and Head Teacher of the Sunshine Room (3-4 year olds), teaches a Spanish Language Program that infuses music and movement. Fun and engaging for the children at First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten, they look forward to their Spanish lessons! At right is a video example of Ms. Chely teaching Spanish in the Rainbow Room. More...

Spanish in the Rainbow Room with Ms. Chely!

Nature and Science Centers

Children are naturally curious. These centers provide many hands-on opportunities for children to investigate the natural world around them.


Music and Movement

Dancing and exercise, with the use of music and rhythm instruments, is included in our daily curriculum, as well as singing during Circle Time and Clean Up Time.


Dramatic Play

Each classroom has a Dramatic Play Center where children can begin to understand the world around through make believe, telling stories, and talking about their ideas. This area provides the opportunity for children to develop their social skills.



Our children create daily art projects designed for learning colors, shapes, fine motor control, and self-expression.


Sand and Water Centers

While experimenting with sand and water, children learn about measurements, and natural science, and can be an effective calming experience.


Block Center

Our popular classroom Block Centers help our students learn about math concepts, space, balance, shapes and sizes while having fun.


Collaboration and Cooperation

Children love playing together and making new friends. They are encouraged to collaborate with each other to keep the classroom tidy, transition to the next activity, make choices during free play time, and work together during every classroom activity.


Educational Field Trips

First Baptist Preschool takes education field trips that enhance classroom curriculum. Field trips include visits to the Children's Theatre, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and other excited places in Chicago.


After School Program

Our After School Program provides a healthy snack, homework help and tutoring, arts and crafts, open gym, games, and free play activities. 


A Basic Christian Education 

This is an integral part of the overall curriculum. Bible stories, music, related arts and crafts, and dramatic play are offered in a developmentally appropriate manner.



Slideshow of some of our fun school activities!

Curriculum Themes for the School Year 2021-2022




Getting to know you



Fall into Fall


     Community Workers

     Apple Picking Time



Down on the Farm

     Fire Prevention and Fire Safety

     Turn Back the Clock


     Continent of the Month: South America



My Family

     Native Americans

     On the Go


     Continent of the Month: North America



Giving and Sharing

     Children Around the World

     Holiday Traditions



Winter Wonderland

     Getting a Fresh Start

     Fire and Ice

     Health and Cleanliness

     Continent of the Month: Asia




From the Heart

     Be My Valentine

     My Body

     Celebrate Black History Month

     Continent of the Month: Asia



In Like a Lion

     Pets on Parade

     The Zoo

     The Circus

     Continent of the Month: Europe



Spring Has Sprung

     The Secret Life of Plants

     "Raindrops are Falling on my Head"

     Annual Spring Gala



Crossing the Finish Line

     Cinco de Mayo

     Mother's Day

     Be Kind to Animals




June, July, and August

Summer Camp Themes TBA



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