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Our mission is to provide quality education and a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children in a nurturing environment emphasizing love and understanding.

Hiring: Lead Teacher

Position Title: Preschool Teacher
Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Interested Applicants: Prospective applicants must undergo pre-employment screenings. 


  • Education: An Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten (Type 04 certificate). 


  • Sixty credit hours from an accredited college or university, with a minimum of six semester or nine quarter hours in courses related directly to child care and/or child development.


  • Experience: Previous one-year experience in child development, preschool, kindergarten, and licensed programs up to sixth grade, with a minimum of six semester or nine quarter hours from an accredited college or university in courses related directly to child care and child development.


  • Completion of credentialing programs approved by the DCFS, such as Child Development Associate (CDA).

Develop and Implement Curriculum: 
Design age-appropriate educational programs and activities catering to the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of preschool children.

Create a Safe and Nurturing environment: Ensure a safe, clean, and welcoming classroom that supports learning and development.

Engage in Active Learning: Facilitate interactive learning experiences using various educational tools and methods. 

Monitor Child Development: Observe and assess children’s progress and behavior, keeping detailed records.

Communicate with Parents: Maintain open communication with parents or guardians regarding their child’s development.

Manage Classroom Dynamics: Implement management techniques to maintain a structured learning environment.

Adapt Teaching Strategies: Customize teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Collaborate with Staff: Work with other staff to coordinate educational programs.

Foster Social Skills: Guide children in developing social skills through play and group activities. 

Promote Independence and Self-Care: Encourage self-help skills among children.

Plan and Organize Special Events: Coordinate class projects, field trips, and other special events that enhance educational experiences.

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusion: Ensure materials, activities, and curriculum reflect cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Incorporate Technology: Integrate appropriate technology to support learning and teach digital literacy skills.

Stay Informed on Educational Trends: To enhance teaching effectiveness, seek professional development opportunities and stay abreast of current research and trends in early childhood education

Emergency Preparedness: Ensure the school meets DCFS Regulations, maintains the certifications needed to comply, and is prepared to respond appropriately to emergencies, ensuring the safety of all children under their care.



Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm


$39,520 to $49,920 - based on experience

Health Insurance is available and provides the following six months of employment:

  • Ten vacation days.

  • Three sick days.

  • Two personal days.

Required Documents:
● Resume
● Cover Letter
● Official transcripts and copy of degree
● Three written professional character references with contact information: email and phone
● Teaching Philosophy

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